Airports and Marine Structures
Project No 0008
Project Title Didim VLF Bafa Pier and Coast Support Facilities
Client Ministry of Defense
Start - Finish 2000 -2000
Alone or Joint-Venture Alone
Detailed Description

Soldiers Dormitory and Messhall for 150 Person (2,991 sqm)
Social Facility (2,544 sqm)
Access Control Building (128 sqm)
Assault Boat Pier 210 m x 12 m (2,520 sqm)
Cold Storage Depot (84 sqm)
Guard House (4 sqm)
13 each Guard Tower (19 sqm)
Water Storage (500 cum)
2 each Fuel Tank (300 cum)
Ammunition Storage (248 sqm)
2 each Transformer Generator Building (100 sqm)
36/0.4 kV, 630 kVA Transformer and 630 kVA Diesel-Generator Set
36/0.4 kV, 200 kVA Transformer and 500 kVA Diesel-Generator Set
Biological Treatment Facility
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