Airports and Marine Structures
Project No 0310
Project Title Golcuk Naval Base Additional Facilities
Client Ministry of Defense
Start - Finish 2003 - 2007
Alone or Joint-Venture Alone
Detailed Description
New Facilities

East Submarine Piers
2 each Submarine Finger Pier (60m x 10m + 20m x 7.5m)
Transformer Rectifier Building (100 sqm, 1.5 Ton Crane)
2 x 100 kVA, 380/220 V, 50 Hz - 120/208 V, 60 Hz Frequency Converter
2 x 200 kVA, 380/220 V AC - 250 V DC Rectifier
Transformer Building, 34.5/0.4 kV, 800 kVA Dry Type Transformer

NB Fuelling Pier
Fuelling Pier (75m x 10m+75m x 6m)
Pump Station
Transformer - Generator - Office Building
400 kVA Transformer and 400 kVA Stand-by Generator

Torpedo Headquarters Building (866 sqm)
Ordnance Headquarters Building (1,670 sqm)
Spare Parts Warehouse (790 sqm)

Restoration of Existing Facilities

Logistics Pier (206 m x 20 m)
Ammunition Storage Igloos (9 each)
Fuel Storage Tank (10 each)
6 and 8 inch JP-5, F-76 Fuel Pipelines
Pump Stations, Valve Pits and Pipe Racks
Ex-proof Lighting, Power and Fire Alarm Systems
Cathodic Protection Systems
Services Provided By ESER
Detailed Engineering
Cost Estimations
Tender Evaluation
Tender Documentation
Construction Supervision
Construction Specifications
Start-up Inspections
Geophysical Studies
Geotechnical Studies
Basic Engineering
Topographical Surveys
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