Oil Storage and Distribution
Project No 0505
Project Title Canakkale Kepez Fuel Terminal
Client Petrol Ofisi Inc.
Start - Finish 2005
Alone or Joint-Venture Alone
Detailed Description
Facilities for Bunker Selling to Ships (350 tons/hr) :

Pump Station (140 sqm, Steel Construction)
Total 7 each Black and White Product Pumps
6 each Aboveground Storage Tank (Total 8,500 tons)
Heating Center
Office Building
Blending System on the Pier
Loading and Unloading Terminals on the Pier (3 each)
LV Switchgear Building and LV Distribution System
500 kVA Stand-by Diesel Generator
Storage Tanks Level Measurement Systems
Field and Perimeter Lighting Systems
Instrumentation and Control Systems
Tank Farm and Pump Station Grounding Systems
Black and White Product Carbon Steel Pipelines (12,000 m) and Valves
Steam and Condense Lines
Steel Pipe Racks and Supports
Fire Water Lines and Hydrants
Foam and Cooling Water Lines
Storm Water Drainage System
Oily Water Drainage System
Fuel Separator System
Concrete Paved Areas, Pipe Channels and Dikes
Services Provided By ESER
As-Built Documentation
Detailed Engineering
Cost Estimations
Construction Supervision
Construction Specifications
Start-up Inspections
Procurement Documentation
Topographical Surveys
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