Gas Distribution and Metering
Project No 0803
Project Title Khormor - Erbil Natural Gas Pipeline - IRAQ
Client Nokan - Kar - Zozik Joint Venture
Start - Finish 2008 - 2008
Alone or Joint-Venture Alone
Detailed Description
Khormor - Chamchamal - Erbil
24 inch 173 km Underground Natural Gas Pipeline

173 km, 24 inch Underground Natural Gas Pipeline
4 each Main Line Valve Station
Khormor Pig Launching Station
Chamchamal Intermediate Pig Station
Erbil Pig Receiving Station
Zap River Crossing (135 m)
2 each Road Crossing (36 m)
17 each Road Crossing (24 m)
53 each Road Crossing (12 m)
153 each Valley, Water Course and Dry Creek Crossing (24-80 m)
Access Roads
Services Provided By ESER
As-Built Documentation
Environmental Impact Study
Detailed Engineering
Construction Shop Drawings
Construction Supervision
Construction Specifications
Operating and Maintenance Instructions
Start-up Inspections
Procurement Documentation
Topographical Surveys
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