Buildings and Special Structures
Project No 9909
Project Title Ankara TAF COC Center Modernization and Social Building
Client Ministry of Defense
Start - Finish 1999 - 2001
Alone or Joint-Venture Alone
Detailed Description

Construction, Restoration, Renewal and Furnishing of the Computer Systems, Briefing Halls, Communication and Electronic Center, Power Center, Heating Center and Recreation Sections in the Existing 5,250 sqm Building

Mechanical Systems :

Air Handling Units (7,000 cum/h), Chiller Units (170,000 kcal/h)
Cooling Towers (225,000 kcal/h), Fan Coil Units (1,700 kcal/h)
Renewal of Existing Human and Service Elevators
Automatic Fire Extinguishing System with FM-200 Gas

Electrical and Communication Systems :

15/0.4 kV, 1,600 kVA Transformer, MV/LV, Energy Management and Control Systems
2x800 kVA Generator, 2x400 kVA Load Controlled UPS System
3,000 A and 1,600 A TEMPEST Protection for Power Circuits
Special Lighting,Fire Alarm and Announcement and ISDN Telephone Systems
Cable TV, Intercom, Conferans and Simultaneous Translation Systems
Analogue and Digital Central Clock, Public Address, CCTV and DATA Systems
Proximity and Fingerprint Access Control Systems
Protection of All Power, Signal and Data Lines with Power, Signal and Data Filters

Total Building Construction Area : 11,600 sqm

Main Kitchen, Stores, Laundry, Trash Collection, Utility Rooms, Heating Center, Service Corridor, Cafeterias, Resting Areas, Telecom Facilities, Restaurants and Special Purpose Halls, Coctail Hall and Access Corridors

Mechanical (HVAC) Systems :

Hot Water Boiler (12x1,000 lt/h), Drainage Pump, Automatic Sand Filter
Automatic Water Softener, Fan-Coil Units (189x4.5-8 kW)
Heat Exchanger (3x600,000 kcal/h), Expansion Tank (6x1,000 lt)
Boiler (500,000 kcal/h), Air Handling Units (8x4,000 cum/h-40,000 cum/h)
Roof-Top Air Handling Unit, Automatic Control Systems
Natural Gas Burner (474-845 kW), Chiller Unit (2x356,900 kcal/h, 415 kW)
Closed Circuit Cooling Tower (2 x 500,000 kcal/h)
Kitchen, Laundry, Drying and Ironing Systems

Electrical Systems :

1,250 kVA Transformer, 800 kVA Generator and 20 kVA UPS Systems
Lighting, Power, Telephone, Public Address, Fire Alarm and TV Systems
Grounding and Lightning Protection Systems
Automatic Doors with Photocell Control
Security Detectors, External CCTV and Tourniquet Systems
Hydraulic Type Human and Service Elevators
Services Provided By ESER
Detailed Engineering
Cost Estimations
Tender Evaluation
Tender Documentation
Construction Supervision
Construction Specifications
Start-up Inspections
Geophysical Studies
Geotechnical Studies
Basic Engineering
Topographical Surveys
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