Airports and Marine Structures
Project No 8103
Project Title Konya Main Airforce Base Runway Restoration and FOB Facilities
Client Ministry of Defense
Start - Finish 1981 - 1984
Alone or Joint-Venture Alone
Detailed Description
Runway Restoration

3400 m x 45 m Runway Restoration (LCN 65)
3400 m x 22.5 m Parallel Taxiway Restoration (LCN 65)
2 each Connecting Taxiway Restoration (LCN 65)

New Facilities

2 each Connecting Taxiway (LCN 65)
Parking and Maintenance Apron (LCN 65, 30,000 sqm)
Jet Fuel Storage Facility
Lubricating Oil Storage
Squadron Operations Building
Aircraft Maintenance Workshops
Liquid Oxygen Storage
Crash and Fire Station
Communication Building
Guest House, Cafeteria and Infirmary
Services Provided By ESER
Detailed Engineering
Cost Estimations
Tender Evaluation
Tender Documentation
Construction Supervision
Construction Specifications
Start-up Inspections
Geotechnical Studies
Basic Engineering
Topographical Surveys
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