Energy Production and Others
Project No 0304
Project Title Konya Main Airforce Base AWACS Hangar Fire Extinguishing System
Client Ministry of Defense
Start - Finish 2003 - 2007
Alone or Joint-Venture Alone
Detailed Description
150 cum Underground Water Tank
Fire Water Pump House and Foam Room
2 x 450 cum/h, 12 bar Fire Water Pump (NFPA)
5 Ton Foam Concentrate Tank (Bladder Tank)
Fire Department Siamese Connection and Water Alarm Deluge Valve Assemblies
Addressable Fire Detection and Alarm System
2 each Remote Controlled Fire/Foam Monitor
2 each Foam Proportioner
2 each Foam Concentrator Set
Pumps and Connection Pipes
4 each 90 x 220 cm Fire Resist Door
2 each 80 x 220 cm Fire Resist Door
Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) System
Services Provided By ESER
Detailed Engineering
Cost Estimations
Tender Evaluation
Tender Documentation
Construction Supervision
Construction Specifications
Start-up Inspections
Basic Engineering
Topographical Surveys
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