Airports and Marine Structures
Project No 7405
Project Title Ankara Esenboga Airport Master Plan Study
Client Ministry of Transportation DLH General Directorate
Start - Finish 1974 - 1975
Alone or Joint-Venture Alone
Detailed Description
Ankara Esenboga Airport Facilities

Runway, Taxiway and Taxitracks
Terminal Facilities
Cargo Facilities
Flight Control Tower and Technical Complex
Power Supply and Distribution Systems
Control and Communication Systems
Meteorological Facilities
Jet Fuel Storage and Loading Facilities
Crash and Fire Facilities
Aircraft Maintenance Hangars
Medical Facilities
Security Building and Facilities
Auxiliary Service Facilities
Water Storage and Distribution System
Wastewater and Sewage System
Stormwater Drainage System
Connection Road Between City and Airport
Meteorological Studies
Traffic and Transportation Studies
Environmental Study and Noise Analysis
Services Provided By ESER
Environmental Impact Study
Economic and Financial Analysis
Cost Estimations
Geophysical Studies
Geotechnical Studies
Conceptual Enginering
Cost Control & Time Scheduling
Basic Engineering
Topographical Surveys
Transportation Study
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