Oil Storage and Distribution
Project No 0908
Project Title Marmara Ereglisi Fuel Terminal
Client Marmara Depoculuk Hizmetleri Inc.
Start - Finish 2009 - 2010
Alone or Joint-Venture Alone
Detailed Description

3 each 45,600 cum API 650 Fuel Storage Tank
2 each 22,300 cum API 650 Fuel Storage Tank
3 each 7,250 cum API 650 Fuel Storage Tank
6 each 3,640 cum API 650 Fuel Storage Tank
3 each 3,555 cum API 650 Fuel Storage Tank
Renewal of Existing Administration Building (600 sqm)
Renewal of Existing Auxiliary Building (1285 sqm)
Pig Station and Sea Collector (1160 sqm)
Product Manifold and Third Collector (869 sqm)
Truck Fuel Loading Canopy (13 Truck, 810 sqm)
Fire Water Manifold (103 sqm)
Driver Waiting and Operation Building (258 sqm)
Main Entry Security Building (57 sqm)
Visitor Car Park (35 vehicle)
Truck Parks (37 truck, 14 truck)
Tank Dike Walls and Perimeter Wall
Ethanol, Waste and Injection Skid Systems
Tank Farm Station Piping and Valves
31 each Transfer Pump
HDPE and Steel Fire Water Pipelines and Fire Hydrants
Steel Pipe Racks and Supports
Tank Farm Geotechnical Studies (Total 367 m Soil Boring)
Storm Water, Oily Water and Waste Water Drainage Systems
Fire Foam and Cooling Water System
Sweeping of PIGs with Nitrogen Gas System
HVAC and Plumbing Systems
Lighting, Power, Fire Alarm and Grounding Systems
Electrical LV Switchgear and Distribution Systems
Instrumentation and Control Systems
Field Lighting, Grounding and Lightning Protection Systems


2 each Boarding Dolphine (12 m x 8 m)
Steel Pipe Rack and Catway Between Land and Unloading Dolphine (250 m)
Catways Between Boarding Dolphines and Mooring Dolphines (2 each, 60 m)
Pig Station and Loading Arms on the Unloading Dolphine
Sea Terminal Trnsformer Building (25 sqm)
Sea Terminal Area Bathymetric Studies


1,970 m, 20 inch, 1,500 cum/h Underground Fuel Pipeline
1 each State Highway Crossing by Horizontal Drilling
3 each Secondary Road Crossing by Horizontal Drilling
Determination of Existing Underground Pipeline Routes by Pipe Detectors
Pipeline Cathodic Protection System
Services Provided By ESER
As-Built Documentation
Detailed Engineering
Cost Estimations
Tender Documentation
Construction Specifications
Geophysical Studies
Geotechnical Studies
Topographical Surveys
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