Railways and Light Rail Systems
Project No 1001
Project Title Kayseri Phase 2 and Phase 3 Light Rail Systems
Client Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality
Start - Finish 2010
Alone or Joint-Venture Alone
Detailed Description
Total 16.5 km, Double Lane Light Rail System Detailed Engineering Services

KRTS 2 nd Phase Mimar Sinan Junction - Ildem : 9 km
KRTS 3 rd Phase Cumhuriyet Square - Erciyes : 7.5 km

Travel Speed in City : 35 km/hr
Travel Speed at Other Routes : 70 km/hr
Stations : 22 each
Station Length : 65 m
Distance Between Stations : 400 - 800 m
Catanery System : 750 VDC
Transformer Rectifier Station : 9 each, 31.5 KV/0.580 kV
Transformer Capacity : 2x1,800 kVA
Rectifier Capacity : 2 x 1,500 KW
Signalization and Communication Systems
SCADA System
Fare Collection System
Line Irrigation System and Water Depot
Daily Maintenance Workshop
Sleeping Area
Crew Building
Construction of New Lines at Existing Main Depot Area
Services Provided By ESER
Detailed Engineering
Economic and Financial Analysis
Cost Estimations
Feasibility Study
Tender Documentation
Construction Specifications
Geophysical Studies
Geotechnical Studies
Topographical Surveys
Transportation Study
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