Railways and Light Rail Systems
Project No 1201
Project Title Irmak - Karabuk - Zonguldak Railway Line Rehabilitation and Signalization
Client Central Finance and Contracts Unit
Start - Finish 2012 - 2017
Alone or Joint-Venture Joint-Venture
Detailed Description
415 km Single Track Passenger and Freight Railway

Operation Speed : 70 - 120 km/h
Maximum Slope : % 0,22
Minimum Curve Radius : 250 m
Maximum Curve Radius : 5,500 m
Maximum Superelevation : 130 mm
Maximum Axle Load : 22.5 ton
Track Gauge : 1,435 mm
Rail Profile : S49, 900 A
Station : 32 each
Stop : 29 each
Level Crossing : 259 each
Tunnel : 55 each
Bridge : 118 each
Box/Culvert : 1,421 each

Rehabilitation of Existing Facilities

Renewal of Rails, Sleepers and Ballasts on the 415 km Main Line
Renewal of Rails, Sleepers and Ballasts at the Additional Lines in the Stations
Improvement of the Drainage Systems on the Main Line and at the Stations
Renewal of Platforms at 16 each Station
Renewal of Platforms at 25 each Stop
Renewal of Tunnel Portals at 10 Location
Renewal of Bridge Parapets at 30 Location
Renewal of Retaining Walls at 21 Location
Improvement of Slope Stabilisation at 24 Location

New Facilities

New Siding Tracks at 6 Station
MV/LV Power Supply and Distribution at 31 Station
Point Heating Systems at 31 Station
Operation Center at Karabuk Station
Signalisation, Remote Control (SCADA) and Monitoring Systems
Automatic Train Protection and Stopping (ATP/ATS) Systems (ETCS Level 1)
Electronic Level Crossing Protection Systems
Communication, Fire Alarm, Clock and Announce Systems
Services Provided By ESER
Construction Supervision
Start-up Inspections
Cost Control & Time Scheduling
Project Management
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