Water Supply and Wastewater
Project No 9603
Project Title Siverek Sewage Network and Wastewater Treatment Plant
Client Prime Ministry GAP Administration Directorate
Start - Finish 1996 - 2001
Alone or Joint-Venture Alone
Detailed Description
Sewage and Wastewater Network

Network Lines (401,382 m)
Collector Line (772 m)
Parcel Connections (121,500 m)
Network Inspection Chimneys (11,136 each)
Collector Chimneys (7 each)

Stormwater Network

Network Lines (3,060 m)
Network Inspection Chimneys (76 each)
Stormwater Inlets (200 each)
Stormwater Inlet Connections (800 m)

Wastewater Treatment Plant (66,586 cum/day Capacity)

Administration and Workshop Building (96 sqm)
Guard House (12 sqm)
4 each Anaerobic Basin (123 m x 58 m)
2 each Aerification and Sedimentation Basin (72 m x 22 m)
6 each Facultative Stabilization Basin 1.st Step (154 m x 84 m)
2 each Facultative Stabilization Basin 2.nd Step (154 m x 89 m)
2 each Sludge Lagoon (95 m x 70 m)
Services Provided By ESER
Environmental Impact Study
Detailed Engineering
Economic and Financial Analysis
Cost Estimations
Tender Documentation
Construction Specifications
Geophysical Studies
Geotechnical Studies
Topographical Surveys
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