Buildings and Special Structures
Project No 9706
Project Title Ankara Racetrack Facilities
Client Jockey Club of Turkey
Start - Finish 1997 - 1999
Alone or Joint-Venture Alone
Detailed Description
Ankara Racetrack Facilities on 1,383,292 sqm Area

8,700 Spectator Capacity Tribune Building (39,000 sqm) :

Numbered Lounges, Viewer Terraces, Presidential and Protocol Lounges, Play Halls, Jockey Rest Room and Dressing Room, Sauna, Showers, Protocol Lounge, Play Hall for Members, Outdoor Cafe, Computerized System Section, Patisserie, Cafeteria, Kitchen, Terrace and Terrace for Protocol, Protocol Hall, Security, Horse Owners Lounge, Lounge of Commissaries Board, Press Room, Restaurant, Coaches Hall, TV Studio, 8 escalators, 6 lifts

Race Track Directorate Building (3,250 sqm) :

Director Office, Medical Room, Waiting Lounge, Dining Hall, Service Rooms, Kitchen, Terrace, Exchange Room, Meeting Room, Cashier, Depots

Racehorse Hospital (726 sqm) :

Veterinary Rooms, Stable of 3 Boxes, Examination Room, Surgery Room, X Ray Room, Sterilization Room, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Weighing Scales

Other Facilities :

2,200 m x 30 m Grass Track
2,055 m x 20 m Sand Track
1,900 m x 15 m Exercise Sand Track
1 each Score Board
2x8 and 2x12 Starting Box Machines
Ambulance Road and Underpass
Exercise Paddock (2 each, 440 m x 10 m)
Horse and Foal Manage Roads
Parking Lot for 2,467 Vehicles
2 each Helicopter Landing Platform
2,500 cum Irrigation Water Depot (1,000 sqm)
300 cum Clean Water Depot
Doping Control Building (300 sqm)
Horse Saddle Boxes (320 m2)
840 each Individual Stable (8,316 sqm)
192 each Ecurie Stable (3,880 sqm)
Service Building for Grooms (3,555 sqm)
Outdoor Cafe
Horse Shoeing Building (120 sqm)
Three Phased Platform for Horses
2 each Buffet
5 each Guard House (100 sqm)
4 each Main Entrance (480 sqm)
1 each Reinforced Concrete Bridge (470 sqm)
2x1,000 kVA and 1x1,600 kVA Transformer Stations (330 sqm)
2x500 kVA and 1x1,000 kVA Generator
Waste Water, Sewage, Potable Water and Fire Water Systems
Storm Water and Surface Drainage Systems
Sprinkler, Irrigation Systems and Landscaping
Outdoor and Field Lighting Systems
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Detailed Engineering
Cost Estimations
Construction Shop Drawings
Construction Supervision
Construction Specifications
Start-up Inspections
Geophysical Studies
Geotechnical Studies
Cost Control & Time Scheduling
Topographical Surveys
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