• Our company’s main asset is the quality of its human resources.
  • More than 100 staff, who are well specialized in their professions and experts in our pool of local and foreign freelance consultants contribute their valuable competence within the multidisciplinary teams providing our Services.
  • Our top management’s full commitment to our Quality Management System is made evident to all our staff and freelance experts. Thus, in their tasks in the day-to-day operation of our company, and in the conduct of our services, each of them well know that he/she must
    • commit to quality and seek it out in his/her responsibilities, and
    • never forget the principles of “I am the leader of the work performed by me” and “any work performed by me contributes to the effectiveness and efficiency of my company’s Quality Management System”,
      and this enables their abilities to be used for our company’s and thus our customers’ benefit.
  • The diversities of our services we offer in our fields of activity and our quality objectives which among others include achieving continuously increasing team efficiency and continuously improving quality in our services make it possible for us to offer career opportunities in the fields of our services.
  • We would welcome when the oppurtunity arises
    • young and senior people who wish to join our staff family, and
    • freelance local and foreign experts who wish to share their competence on a case by case basis,
      who contact us by sending us the completed Job Application form
  • Depending on the possibilities and mutual interests, this invitation is also open to students in their training periods.
  • For any positions currently available in our company, please have a look at Available Jobs link.